Core Program

Winter Park NJROTC


Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is a citizenship awareness, confidence building, and leadership development academic curriculum accredited course sponsored by the United States Navy. Our mission is to motivate young people to become better citizens through the Navy Core Values: Honor, Courage and Commitment. NJROTC builds discipline, confidence in the Cadets, and instills an understanding that success is the result of dedication, initiative and self-discipline. The course stresses good academic standing, as well as a good standing in our school and civic community.


To instill qualities of integrity, loyalty, dedication, a sense of citizenship, personal responsibility, to promote high school completion, higher learning, community service, to develop respect for constructed authority, a high degree of personal honor, self-reliance, individual discipline, and leadership.


NJROTC, or Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, is a leadership program designed to give you or your son/daughter a head start in life. NJROTC develops self-discipline, self-confidence, and leadership skills to help you or your son/daughter successfully meet life's challenges along the road. People who are successful in life, who succeed in business, industry, and education, have developed strong self-discipline and the ability to lead and motivate others. The NJROTC curriculum and instructional activities are designed to develop you or your son/daughter leadership, regardless of their career path or goal.


Freshman year is designed to give new Cadets an introduction to the WPHS NJROTC program, customs and history of the United States Navy, and how to be successful in a team environment. All freshmen Cadets will start the program with the Naval Science-1 (NS-1) Curriculum. This course is taught by Senior Chief Mary Fleming at the Winter Park Freshman Center.

Classes: Naval Science-1, Introduction to the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Sophomore & Junior year is dedicated to teaching more advanced leadership & management concepts, and the Naval Science-2 and Naval Science-3 curriculums, as well as additional selected subjects such as, but not limited to: Physical Fitness & Health, Survival Skills, & Basic First Aid. During this time, Cadets will also have an opportunity to have practical leadership experience by serving in various positions and departments within the Winter Park Cadet Regiment.

Classes: Naval Science-2 Maritime History, Leadership, & Nautical Sciences, Naval Science-3 Naval Knowledge, Leadership, & Nautical Skills for the NJROTC Student.

Senior year is dedicated to teaching the Naval Science-4 curriculum & additional selected subjects to assist Cadets in preparation for post-graduation, such as, but not limited to: budgeting, career planning, college & scholarship applications, and resume writing. NS-4 level Cadets will have an opportunity to have advanced practical leadership experience by fulfilling key leadership roles and running the operations of the Cadet Regiment.

Classes: Cultural Studies: An Introduction to Global Awareness.