WPNJROTC Cadre Program

"For Cadets by Cadets"

The Cadre program is designed to augment the NJROTC curriculum to provide leadership knowledge, experience, and skills to Cadets that volunteer to participate. This program has been developed by the Winter Park NJROTC Cadet Staff under the guidance of the Instructor staff. The goal of the Cadre program is assist in the development of Cadets into critical thinkers, ethical leaders, and individuals that are prepared to lead, coach, & mentor younger Cadets. The Cadre program is also designed to foster a strong community among all Naval Science and grade levels of Cadets. 

The Cadre Program will be conducted every Wednesday from February 3rd until 29 April. Cadets will meet directly after the last bell and will be  dismissed at 1500 (3pm). Additionally, on Thursdays, the Cadre Program will be hosting Drill and Physical Training Annexes to provide additional learning opportunities for our Cadets. Drill and Physical Fitness leadership will be taught on a rotating basis every Thursday from 1440 to 1600 (2:40pm until 4pm) from 4 February until the end of the school year. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact 1stSgt Tim Grier at