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The Emergency Response Studies Program is one of the two pathways offered by the Winter Park NJROTC Department. This program provides our Cadets a basic introduction to, and some basic training and education related to careers in emergency response. Cadets will complete classroom didactic instruction, hands-on training, and will have opportunities to utilize their learned technical and leadership skills in a real world environment through participation in our Explorer-Community Emergency Response Team.



This program is designed to train and educate Cadets in leadership, asset management, and technical skills related to emergency response in order to prepare them to serve their communities in a wide variety of career fields.


ERS-120 Introduction to Emergency Response

All Naval Science-1 Cadets will have an introductory nine-week ERS course which will introduce them to emergency response and Search and Rescue and to assess their interest and aptitude to continue in the ERS program. Each Cadet will be trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Automatic External Defibrillator operation, and First Aid. During the end of their first year in NJROTC, those Cadets that select the ERS pathway will be trained and educated on skills, techniques, and procedures to support their community and school before, during, and after an emergency or disaster. 


Alternatively, Cadets can also choose to follow the Aviation Pathway (see below), which trains and educates them in techniques, procedures, and offers them a direct path to licensure as pilots of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems. If a Cadet’s schedule allows, Cadets are encouraged to pursue both pathways after Freshman year. Cadets from both the Emergency Response and Aviation pathways academically reunite during their final year during the Senior Seminar Course. 


ERS-220 Fundamentals of Emergency Response

This course builds off the foundation established during the ERS-1 course and focuses on developing small group leadership, team dynamics, and emergency response technical skills. Cadets will learn basic Search and Rescue concepts, and comprehensive professional rescuer-level Basic Life Support (BLS) in both urban and remote environments.


ERS-3 Basic Emergency Response Techniques

This course is designed to train and educate Cadets in professional Search and Rescue and Emergency Medical Services skills, techniques, and procedures. During this course, Cadets will learn in-depth fundamentals of Search and Rescue, survival techniques, land navigation, and many other skills that are vital to assisting in lost and missing persons operations. Cadets will also be educated to provide initial emergency care and support Emergency Medical Services on arrival.

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