Cadet Chain of Command


Cadet Commander Colon

Regimental Commanding Officer

My name is Daniel Colon and I am the Commanding Officer of the Winter Park High School NJROTC unit. After high school, I plan on going to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and obtaining a degree in Aerospace Engineering. This year, I plan on moving the unit forward and continuing to make advancements in communication within the unit, specifically our aviation and core sectors. I am undoubtedly confident in our ability to overcome any obstacle that is put before us, and I’m excited to see how fun and productive this year will be!

Cadet Lieutenant Commander Hallford

Regimental Executive Officer

I’m Tyler Hallford, After High School I plan to join the United States Navy or United States Marine Corps to go into Military Police. This year I see the unit growing in many ways that it has not before. I believe we can grow in cadets which is essential for the unit to operate to get tasks done. I also believe that we can grow in knowledge and this is essential because we need to know what we are talking about when speaking to others as well as win competitions. Lastly I believe we as a unit can all work better together to get anything that comes our way accomplished.


Regimental CMC

Cadet Master Chief Rider

I am Cadet Master Chief Rider, This is my third year in NJROTC and in my time here I have learned quite a bit from both my instructors and fellow cadets alike. I plan to use this experience to bring the highly motivational mentality we all look for from each other in this program. I plan to include all our cadets to work together as one unit, to address our strengths and weaknesses so we leave the program better than we found it, and to prepare you all to take the helm when we are gone. 

After high school I plan on studying naval aviation at Embry Riddle. 


Cadet Lieutenant Commander Seel

1st Battalion Commanding Officer

Cadet Lieutenant Commander Murraceol

2nd Battalion Commanding Officer

Cadet Lieutenant Dunn

Operations Officer


Cadet Ensign Calderon

Assistant Operations Officer

Cadet Chief Petty Officer Gibbons

Operations CPO

Cadet Chief Petty Officer Neff

Operations CPO


Cadet Ensign Fernandez

Administrative Officer

Cadet Ensign Nunez

Assistant Admin Officer

Cadet Lieutenant (jg) Sexton

Communications Officer


Cadet Lieutenant Thomason

Supply Officer

Cadet Ensign


Assistant Supply Officer

Cadet Ensign 

Assistant Supply Officer


Cadet Lieutenant Nguyen

Armory Officer

Cadet Ensign Nunez

Recruiting and Retention Officer

Cadet Ensign Harwood

Awards and Advancement Officer


Cadet Lt (jg) Rotax

Public Affairs Officer

Cadet Ensign Höfler

Fundraising Officer