Explorer-Community Emergency Response Team


Through collaboration with the Orange County Office of Emergency Management, we are developing a Explorer-Community Emergency Response Team (E-CERT). The CERT program is a Federal Program that trains and educated volunteers in disaster preparedness for emergency situations that may impact their area. Once a Cadet has received the training, passed the written and practical application testing, he or she may be invited to join the Winter Park NJROTC E-CERT Team. 

The Mission of the Winter Park E-CERT Team is: 

• To empower NJROTC Cadets to assist their community in a wide range of emergency response skills and better prepare them as intellectually, physically, and morally fit leaders within the community

• To provide trained and certified individuals to assist themselves, their families, neighbors, and communities in cases of man-made or natural emergencies

• To provide Cadets with continuing education and training on emergency response and Wilderness/ Rural Search and Rescue

• To provide trained and certified instructors to assist in the planning and execution of training events with the goal of providing education to others  in the community on emergency preparedness, Wilderness/ Rural Search and Rescue, and other related subjects

• To provide trained and certified volunteers and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) pilots in support of CERT/ SAR related events 

• To provide outreach and outreach support to the community