Frequently Asked Questions

What is NJROTC?

Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is a citizenship awareness, confidence building, and leadership development academic curriculum accredited course sponsored by the United States Navy. Our mission is to motivate young people to become better citizens through the Navy Core Values: Honor, Courage and Commitment. NJROTC builds discipline, confidence in the cadets, and instills an understanding that success is the result of dedication, initiative and self-control. The course stresses good academic standing, as well as a good standing in our school and civic community.

What will I learn?

As a cadet you will develop responsibility skills for yourself, fellow cadets, and feel as if you’re part of a team. Our classes include Citizenship, Naval Orientation, Naval Operations/Organization, Naval History, Navigation, Seamanship, Leadership, Nautical Astronomy, Electronics, Oceanography, Drills, Commands, Ceremonies, First Aid, Health, and Physical Fitness.

Do I have to join the military?

Absolutely Not! NJROTC is not a recruiting tool for the armed forces. There is no obligation or commitment to join the armed forces. However, after being involved in our program many cadets enjoy the military structure and discipline provided at NJROTC and will join the armed forces sometime after graduating from Navarre High School. Some of our cadets will receive appointments to a service academy or ROTC scholarships to a University. Those who do enlist in the armed forces might enter at a higher pay-grade. Our Naval Science Instructors and cadet leaders work to formulate a path to success in any chosen endeavor.

Will I have to wear a Uniform?

Yes. Each cadet must wear the issued Navy Service Uniform on Wednesdays, when they will be inspected during class. The cadets will wear the uniform to school, all day at school, and home from school for a grade. Remaining properly in uniform is an expectation of a successful member in our regiment. On Thursdays, each cadet will have to wear their gold battalion PT shirt and blue Navy PT shorts, along with running shoes for our physical training in class.

Do I have to cut my hair?

Yes. In order to stay in the program, cadets are required by Department of Navy instruction to comply with the grooming standards of the US Navy, as outlined in the Cadet Field Manual. This includes shaving for the males and hair worn neatly above the collar for the females on uniform days. Proper grooming is an integral component in presenting a sharp, professional appearance in any successful organization.