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WPNJROTC Cadre Leadership Program

Purpose: To train, educate, and mentor Winter Park Cadets in advanced leadership concepts and related skill sets in order to prepare them to lead and assist other Cadets within the Regiment. The Cadre program is one-hundred percent voluntary and is physically and mentally demanding but extremely rewarding.


Program Information

Actions not Words

GOALS: To prepare Cadets for leadership positions in NJROTC and beyond by exploring leadership and management techniques, principles, and traits.

BENEFITS: Learn advanced leadership and technical skillsets that go beyond what is taught in the basic NJROTC curriculum. 

Technical Skillset include, but are not limited to:

- Drill and Ceremonies (to include Color Guard) 

- Advanced Physical Training and Conditioning 


- Wilderness First Aid*

* Cadre Cadets will have an opportunity to attain certification in these area 


The Cadre program ​is focused on providing the skills necessary to lead Cadets, and is designed to provide  skills, core values and mindset necessary for effective leadership of a team and subordinate Cadet. Upon completion, Cadre Cadets will have the skills necessary to: clearly articulate one's thoughts in both oral and written communication; understand the standards of leadership traits, principles, and fundamentals; execute and demonstrate mastery of directed skillsets; conduct training for younger Cadets; understand Operational Risk Management and apply risk management principles; and conduct personal/personnel management, as required.