Where Tradition meets Innovation

Our program is designed to assist young people in their preparation for life after high school through training and our traditional core NJROTC curriculum covers a broad spectrum of topics, to include:  leadership development, drill, Navy and Marine Corps organization,  maritime heritage and culture, the significance of sea power, fundamentals of naval operations, seamanship, navigation and meteorology. 

Our program is not a military recruiting program (although we can provide Cadets with information and guidance on careers in the military).


Winter Park’s NJROTC program is a leadership and management program designed to give the individual skillsets that are not taught elsewhere in the education system.  NJROTC develops self-discipline, self-confidence, and leadership skills to assist the individual in successfully meeting life's challenges along the road. People who are successful in life, who succeed in business, industry, and education, have developed strong self-discipline and the ability to lead and motivate others. The NJROTC curriculum and instructional activities are designed to develop an individual's leadership, regardless of their career path or life goals.


Our program is unique in a couple aspects. The Winter Park NJROTC program pioneered, several years ago, a Part 107 FAA pilot certification program (though an agreement with Embry Riddle University) and USI safety certifications (through Unmanned Safety Institute). The small Unmanned Aerial Systems program is mature and has been very successful. Recently, our program hosted the first national sUAS NJROTC competition.

The Winter Park NJROTC program also offers an in-depth Search and Rescue curriculum in association with the National Association for Search and Rescue. Cadets can earn their Search and Rescue Technician III certification through this course. Our students are also provided comprehensive instruction on emergency preparedness and response skills.  

Additionally, our Cadets have opportunity earn their Red Cross CPR/BLS/ AED Certification & Wilderness First Aid certification though our Cadre Leadership program.


Our focus is on building a professional, engaging, and Cadet-led program. The young people that take part in our program join for a wide variety of reasons but the majority stay with NJROTC because it is a place where they can learn in a positive and supportive environment, make long-lasting friendships, and have fun!