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Orienteering Team 

Orienteering is an international sport that combines cross-country running, map reading, and a familiarity with the outdoors. The WPHS NJROTC Orienteering team trains and develops students’ individual physical fitness, land navigation, and terrain association techniques in a fun, and competitive atmosphere. The orienteering team trains weekly and competes against other teams throughout Florida, with the cooperation of the Florida Orienteering Organization. The skills that are developed through participation in this team are invaluable to emergency response operations, particularly wilderness/ remote Search and Rescue.  

Explorer-Community Emergency Response Team (E-CERT)

The Winter Park E-CERT is an all volunteer youth-based organization, organized in cooperation with the Orange County Emergency Management Office, in accordance with Federal Emergency Management agency guidelines, and sponsored by the Winter Park NJROTC program. The team is organized and trained to assist the community in  preventative health and community welfare activities such as providing CPR/ AED/ First Aid training to the public, supporting local food drives, and other community outreach events.

If activated by the Orange County Emergency Office of Emergency Management, the purpose of the team is to assist in providing critical support by giving immediate assistance to victims, and organizing other volunteers at a disaster site or other emergency event. Team members may also serve as force multipliers by performing such duties as shelter support, evacuation, and basic life support care until Emergency Services arrive.  

The team trains weekly throughout the year with the course of instruction focusing on refining and improving technical skills, teamwork, and physical fitness. The goal of the E-CERT Training Program is to develop team members who are trained to provide emergency response to assist themselves (self-aid), families, neighbors, and the community at large during emergencies and disasters when professional rescuers may not be available. 

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