Instructor Staff

Navy JROTC instructors are prior active duty United States, Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard personnel certified by Naval Service Training Command and employed by school districts hosting NJROTC units. Each NJROTC program is led by a Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI) who is assisted by one or more Naval Science Instructors (NSI's). 

Winter Park's NJROTC program is administered by Commander Dave Haynes, (SNSI), Master Chief Derrick Robinson (NSI), Senior Chief Mary Fleming (NSI), and First Sergeant Tim Grier (NSI). 


Commander Dave Haynes, USN (ret)

Senior Naval Science Instructor  

NJROTC Department Chair 

Aviation Pathway


MCPO Derrick Robinson, USN (ret)

Naval Science Instructor 

Academic Team Advisor 

Cadre Program Advisor 


SCPO Mary Fleming, USN (ret)

Naval Science Instructor  

9th Grade Center

Orienteering Team Advisor 


1stSgt Tim Grier, USMC (ret)

Naval Science Instructor 

Emergency and Survival Pathway

Cadre Program Advisor